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Meat and Cheese Board

A meat and cheese board is the perfect appetizer for any occasion. You can make it fancy or simple, but make sure to have fun with it! I am by no means an expert at these, but I thought it’d be fun to share my meat and cheese board that I make for friends and family!

Tips and tricks:

Buy a few different meats and cheeses (with different textures, heaviness, etc.) I like to cut some of the cheese into slices and leave some of them in tact, serving with a knife. I also like to roll up the prosciutto and fold the salami in half and then half again and stack them. I use the fruit and herbs to add color to the board. I use nuts to add something crunchy and some fig spread to add something sweet!

A couple ingredients I love for a meat and cheese board:


- Milton's gluten free baked crackers

- Sesmark gluten free sesame rice thins

- Simple Mills almond flour crackers


- prosciutto

- salami (fun to try many different types)


- brie

- various cheddars

- gruyere


- green grapes

- Fuji or Honey-crisp apples

- raspberries

- greek olives


- candied pecans

- rosement almonds

decorative additions:

- rosemary, or any herb of your choosing

These are just a few ingredients, but you can really use anything. Just have fun with it and enjoy!

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